Hey how do i change my website title on google search

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The title for the website on google search just says “jkplumbings.com”. The domain is owned by me as well. How do i change a title?

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Which one? The top one, middle one, or bottom one?

The top one and bottom one are set to the <title> tag of the document that is visible at that URL. The middle one cannot be changed.

Note that because of the way InfinityFree blocks some crawlers, it may take some time for Google to recognize the <title> tag on the page. You can speed up the process by adding your domain to Google Search Console and requesting a re-index of the site.


I am talking about the one with purple color, I want to change that. Also, how do I remove the “no information is available for this page” too?

You’ll have to use <meta> tags.

Also, you may wish to make use of Google Search Console and sitemaps.


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