Hello, today the website I have been using for years has been suspended without any reason. Support tickets are not answered. The files inside are important for my business, please help.

Website: Support Ticket #849806 for epiz_25991174


One, it’s ifastnet who handles suspension cases, not here. Two, admin have ping notifications disabled. If you just created the ticket, don’t make anymore replies as your ticket will move to the back of the queue. Just wait.


As mentioned above by @anon50163844, account suspensions cannot be handled on the forum, so there is nothing else you can do but be patient and wait for an answer to your ticket. If you haven’t already, mention that you need a backup.


Looking at the ticket, it may help if you write your reply in English. You may not get a reply to your message if staff can’t understand your message.


The staff closes the ticket without listening to me, they closed my website because of my friend’s website, even though it is not my fault, please review my website and reopen it.

Website Username: epiz_25991174

By the way, what I am angry about is that my other websites were suspended because of a website. I want my innocent website to be activated again.

Website Username: epiz_25991174

As mentioned before:

We cannot help you here!


While the files sent by my friend were being uploaded to my web server 2 days ago, my website was suspended and not even the slightest information was shared as to why it was suspended. Even support notifications are not responded to properly. Look, the existence of this site is as important to me as its content. Please at least reactivate my innocently closed websites. Open it, they were closed for no reason, I hope you take what I wrote seriously.

Website Username: epiz_25991174


What is the purpose of your website? Keep in mind that there are certain types of contents are allowed on free hosting. You can check the Terms and conditions on here. Terms of Service - InfinityFree


The purpose of my website is software development, so I upload unknown files from time to time, but I didn’t check it that day, I wish I had, the funny part is that all my websites are closed :joy:

Please do not create multiple topics. You have your topic here. We have told you multiple times that we cannot help you. Create a new support ticket and wait for a response.


Then you have to wait for the admin. There’s nothing we can do here for you, buddy.



As much as we would love to help you out here, we cannot. Only the support ticket staff have the ability to re-open your account or provide you with a backup.

Have you tried creating a support ticket in English and politely requesting your site be reopened? It is possible that the automated system suspended it on accident.

Also, please note that pining the Admin here won’t help you. For one, and has pings disabled, and he also cannot un-suspend your website (Only the support ticket staff can).

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Otherwise, any posts that repeat upon information already mentioned will be flagged and removed without warning to help keep this topic clean.


My friend doesn’t even respond to what I write, you’re telling me to be polite? And because of one site, my other sites were also suspended.


If you were hosting multiple websites on one hosting account, then, yes your other websites were suspended as well.

I’m sorry, but we cannot help you with that.


I understand but this injustice needs to be reconsidered @YT_Xaos

I understand why you might think this is an injustice. As much as we would like to help you, we can’t. We do not handle the support tickets and Admin cannot reactivate your friend’s website.

If your friend does not want to respond to your messages and won’t comply, the website will stay suspended until the account is deleted.

If you have any other questions that we have not already answered, we are happy to answer them.


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