I have just created my website through dreamweaver and infinity free. I’ve now come across a few issues!!

  • This website is only supposed to be a “linktree” type website, until I create the actual website! Would like to fix these issues ASAP, before I replace this website with a new site"
  1. (I know this is probably my code, but trying to figure out what)
    I have boxes of my background attaching itself behind certain sections. Could someone tell me what the issue would be and how to fix? It looks like it’s attaching itself to the

    elements, but only on certain ones??

  2. STRUGGLING with A RECORD and my email through Crazy Domains
    Crazy Domains (who currently host my email) have told me to update my MX and A RECORDS. From reading the forums I have found that I cannot update the A record - but how can I do it? There are no answers or steps for this, and my email is currently completely down. (I cannot log in and emails are bouncing)

  3. Site not secure (Cannot view on iphone due to this)
    Is there a way to make it secure for free?
    I believe I need an SSL Certificate - but how do I get one for free/cheap? And how do I set it up?

  4. Looking at changing email host to possibly roundcube.
    How would I do this? And how much does it cost?

Any help is much appreciated! If you can give me steps on how to do things, that would be amazing.
I’ve only just started creating websites through dreamweaver and would like to keep costs down wherever possible (having to downgrade almost everything due to no work).

Well Infinityfree provides free SSL to its users.
See this:-


Are you talking about this?

If yes, then please tell me in detail

Read this

Add or Update A Records via Account Manager

Follow these steps to add or update A Records for your domain name via your Account Manager

  1. Log In to your Account Manager .
  2. Click Domains on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Domain Name that you wish to manage.
    If you only have one domain, you will automatically be redirected to its management page.
  4. Scroll down to the DNS Settings section and click the Hamburger Menu on the right, then select Add Record .
    (Or to update an existing record: hover your cursor over the A Record and click the Modify option that appears on its right.)
  5. Select A Record from the drop-down menu, then click the Add button.
  6. Enter the Sub Domain if necessary, followed by the A Record (IP Address) in the corresponding fields.
    e.g. Sub Domain = www, IP Address = 12.345.67.8
  7. Click Update .

You’ve now added or updated A Records for your domain name.

Source: Crazy Domains Help Page.


At the top of your HTML file, you define the following custom CSS code:

div {
  background-image: url("images/orange.png");

This code means that EVERY div in the file will have this background. So not just the div which wraps the whole page, but also the divs which contain the newsletter form and so on.

I would probably replace div with #body here so the background is only set for the full page wrapper.

Setting the MX record is necessary for Crazy Domains to handle email for your domain. You can set it through the MX Records section.

Changing A records isn’t possible here, but it also shouldn’t be necessary to receive email.

What are the specific instructions they gave you? Maybe we can help you figure out a way to achieve the same result with the available tools.

We don’t provide any email service ourselves anymore. We still have a webmail installation, but that’s only for legacy accounts.

iFastNet’s premium hosting does include email (with RoundCube and a few other webmail options), even at their starter $19.99 per year plan.


Yes, that! That section is supposed to be transparent. It also shows up under the footer and “subscribe now” section. Not sure why?

I originally had the background as a video, and realised that infinity free doesn’t do that. I changed the code and replaced the background image as a png, and then those boxes behind the elements showed up.

I can’t figure out what it’s connected to, only the

. Google isn’t helping me either! Not sure what it’s called either. Any way you could help me figure out how to make it transparent again?

Thankyou so much! #body instead of <div> definitely worked. *Will keep that in mind for next time!

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My email is through webmail.syrahost (if that means anything), and Crazy Domains have told me I need to edit the MX and A Record to be able to access the email.
I currently can’t login to my webmail. It says “Connection to storage server failed.”

Crazy domains told me to do the following:

How would I change over from my current email host to that? And I’m assuming I would keep my somehow.
As iFastnet is an infinity free premium, what are the advantages of web hosting through that?

Thankyou so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Hi there! Thankyou for this.

I’ve just done that - and my email is still saying “Connection to storage server failed” when I try to login. So unfortunately it still hasn’t worked!

Interesting. is a branded RoundCube installation. We also used to use RoundCube, and have also seen that error message. But when we did, it was because the email storage server was down. If that’s the case too at Crazy Domains, that’s something they would need to fix.

Unless… their webmail server specifically tries to connect to the mail server at to find the mail server. A quite unusual way to setup the webmail which makes things a bit harder.

So the key point I see there is that the mail server IP is 203.17087.185. They also say you should point to it, but that’s hard because you can’t change the A records here.

Usually it’s possible to work around this by using the Reverse DNS record of the IP address. Just like a domain name points to an IP address, an IP address should also always point to a domain name. And then this domain name should point back at the IP address.

The reverse DNS of the IP points to, but that domain does not point back to any IP address. This means the workaround won’t work, but may also negatively affect email delivery, because correct IP configuration is one of the things spam filters tend to look at.

So I would urge Crazy Domains to setup a proper reverse and forward DNS pair for their mail servers.

You would order the hosting and email service at iFastNet and create the email accounts and forwarders there. Then, you change the MX records of your domain to point to iFastNet’s server, and then any new email would be delivered at iFastNet instead of Crazy Domains.

Finally, you may want to migrate your existing emails from the Crazy Domains mailbox to iFastNet. There are multiple ways to do this, but I just plug both accounts into Thunderbird and copy the messages from one account into the other from there.

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