**My website URL is:**

**What I’m seeing is:**It has forbidden 403.

**I’m using this software:**I wanted to use Filezilla,but it never work.

Additional information:

did you edited .htaccess file?

Maybe the file name/folder you’re trying to redirect users to is blacklisted (contains words like “chat”, “includes” or “modules”) or your .htaccess file contains syntax errors.

Then,how to recover the original .htaccess file?

Connect to FTP with these instructions and delete the file on the htdocs folder.

I can’t delete the files in the htdocs folder. It always shows permission denied.

Then you need to start over by creating a new account, removing the domain from the old account first, because the htdocs folder is now ruined.

Can you please clarify:

  • Which files are you trying to delete exactly.
  • Which software are you using to try and delete this file.
  • What is the exact error message you see? Can you please copy-paste the full error message as you see it, or take a screenshot of it?
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