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I cant connect my domain to because it tells me subdomains arent valid


I have been working with through the redirect of InfinityFree, now I wanted to upgrade my subscription but I cant access the website ive been building as it isnt stored in any account there. If I try to connect the domains it tells me that subdomains arent valid, I am not sure what other domain I should use.

You can’t bring the free subdomain you have with us to your paid account at Even if would allow you to register subdomains with them (which it appears they don’t), then we wouldn’t allow you to point the subdomain to their servers.

You’ll have to purchase your own domain name to sign up with, which you can register with a domain name provider of your choice.

For further instructions on how to set that up, please contact The links to in our panel are only advertisements, the paid offers are not provided by us, so there is not a lot we can tell you or do for you other than the information shown in our panel.


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