Help with Open Source Social Network Installation

So the thing is why I reached out here is I have problem while trying to install Open Source Social Network (OSSN) trough Softaculous App Installer
Whenever I try to install it , it starts the actual installation process but it always fail at like 10% it always says “There was an error: installation failed”
I need prooper help with this case please
Thank you

I tested and yup, it fails
Maybe it’s trying to write outside htdocs folder
Oh, I’m right. Quoting from

OSSN needs a special folder to store uploaded files including profile icons and photos. You will need to create this directory. For security reasons, this folder MUST be stored outside of your document root. If you created it under /www/ or /public_html/, you’re doing it wrong.

Which doesn’t work in free hosting


Give up, it will not work on free hosting…


Daaaaammmm …
I tried to host it on local but eehh it gives me http erorr 500 which equal to Internal Server Error idk why that js why tried to host on IF
Thx people

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