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I am a total beginner at mysql, and How would I query data from mysql ( i have made a database, table and row ) how would i get the data that’s in the row? I’m using it to store a password ( so php and then have javascript use the data gotten from php ), If you need anything else just ask
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What are you going to use it for? Google has many tutorials out there, so take a look!

I have a password protected page and right now the password is just in plain javascript and i would like to make it a bit harder to get in, and i thought of using mysql to get the password from a database, I have a button that calls the javascript function

this night help: MySQL - Select Query (

I’ll have a look at it thanks


You can alternatively use the “Directory Privacy” feature in the control panel. It’s the most secure way, but you don’t get a pretty login page.

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