Help with mx Record

99.99% of all mail server software only allows you to select one destination for a particular email address. It can either be delivered to a mailbox or be forwarded somewhere else. Our mail servers are no exception.

Sure, Gmail does allow you to do this. But keep in mind that Gmail probably uses some of the most sophisticated email server software in the world, developed by one of the largest companies in the world. No hosting provider has access to those resources.

Also, Gmail notably dislikes email forwarders very much.

There is no option to add dns records for my domain.

This is because you’re using the control panel integration of Cloudflare. This will break all subdomain and incoming email, and is a known issue. If you want to have email addresses on your domain, you cannot use the control panel integration for Cloudflare.

I also got Https security, i guess now i shouldn’t worry about cloudflare dns?

Your website being handled by Cloudflare is one of the things which does work with the control panel integration. But that doesn’t say anything about email.

is everything okay with Webemail…

No, it’s not OK: Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues