Help with mx Record

Hello everyone, i added my domain recently and hosting is working. i created the email for my domain in “Email” Section but it asks for MX record. i added them but still facing a error. Thanks for reading, hope you helps…

Error Msg

If you have set the mx record correctly, then try sending the màil to your mail address. If the mail bounces then tell me


The MX records are configured correctly but you still see the notification

The notification about the MX record is always shown, regardless of the MX records configured for your domain. If you have confirmed your MX records are correct, you can safely ignore the warning.

Sir where can i check the emails? i tried to entered my user name & password of my but i aint getting logged in

Sir i have showed you the screenshots? can’t you check if they are set correctly

Please make sure you’re using the credentials of the email account. These credentials are different from your client area credentials and hosting account credentials.

Also, I can’t tell that much from the screenshot. It just looks like the login page of RoundCube, which is the same for everyone.

Hello Admin, I don’t know what are you talking about… i don’t know what credentials are. (if possible) i would like to know about it. Thanks.

so read my case again. in the “Email Category”

  1. i went to " Email Accounts " section, i create a email for my domain you can see the screenshot on my first post “[email protected]”.

  2. " To recieve emails on the email address you will need to set the [MX record] for your domain name to mx.epizy.—"
    now it says this notification

  3. i went to “MX Entry” section added mx.epizy.— with my domain, as shown o

Now first of all let me know, if i have done all the steps for “MX records/entry” correctly (if yes) how can i check the emails which i will receive at [email protected]”..

Now goto Email Accounts Section in cPanel.
There you can make upto 10 email accounts for free.
You know what credentials you write there are used for login.

After you done all that, click on WebMail option in cPanel.
Login with the credentials you wrote in Email Accounts Section.

@allroundernaman Thank You Buddy for your correct Guidance, now i am able to receive & Send mails at my domain email. Now the question is about Forwarders & Cloudflare.

Source address: mymail
Domain: mydomain
Destination email address: my gmail
so when i try to add it says “It appear this email address is allready created please remove the email account before adding it as a forwarder.”

Now i want my this site to secure by using https so can i add it to cloudflare? can i be sure it won’t create any problem with hosting & Mx Records (such as recieving and sending mails)

Yes, This is true, goto Email Accounts, Delete the mail you want to be in forwarder.
Then you can add it in Forwarders

Now, goto Cloudflare, then register a account there.
Then Click Add a site. Do the following changes and select Free Plan.
In DNS Query, make sure Correct A Record is for your domain
Then Proceed. Change Nameservers. DONE!

Yes, This is an issue. To resolve it, goto Cloudflare - DNS Settings.
Create an MX Record there. Select MX Record, then as domain write - @ and mail server = with priority as 1 to 10. Wait for some hours and everything is done

Hope your issue is solved.!

so the images says all

Forwarders: So i want only one email ex: “[email protected]” from that email i also want to view/send/receive on Web email and also want to put in Forward so it send those mails directly to gmail

Cloudflare as you saw the screeshot above, do i still need to set records in my cloudflare account? i got Https. should i keep it as it is or i must still edit?

Do you follow my instructions?
I never told you to integrate Cloudflare from cPanel. Did I? Do you clicked the Cloudflare link? Follow my instructions to get mx records.

Follow these instructions…

99.99% of all mail server software only allows you to select one destination for a particular email address. It can either be delivered to a mailbox or be forwarded somewhere else. Our mail servers are no exception.

Sure, Gmail does allow you to do this. But keep in mind that Gmail probably uses some of the most sophisticated email server software in the world, developed by one of the largest companies in the world. No hosting provider has access to those resources.

Also, Gmail notably dislikes email forwarders very much.

There is no option to add dns records for my domain.

This is because you’re using the control panel integration of Cloudflare. This will break all subdomain and incoming email, and is a known issue. If you want to have email addresses on your domain, you cannot use the control panel integration for Cloudflare.

I also got Https security, i guess now i shouldn’t worry about cloudflare dns?

Your website being handled by Cloudflare is one of the things which does work with the control panel integration. But that doesn’t say anything about email.

is everything okay with Webemail…

No, it’s not OK: Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues

@allroundernaman I got an account already there when I went to it. there were no options to add records. as I showed you the screenshot sir how can I?

Now look at this, what exactly i want

  • I want email for my domain, where I can receive, Send & forward
  • I also want the Https security.

What i have done
I have enabled the Cloudflare Alter from Infinity cPanel.

What should i do now

  • Disable the (Cloudflare Alter) from cPanel? (if yes) will i able to receive/send. if my domain manage by Cloudflare
  • Add your site directly on Cloudflare, change your nameservers with Cloudflare names
    (If these above statements are correct) let me know

Sorry Admin, it’s too complicated too understand, since i am brand new i am trying my best to learn (& i am learning) so appreciate for your Support, i will follow you too if i have any problems.

i described my problems in a short, if you can help/guide with that, feel free to.
Thank you very much @Admin

Disable CloudFlare from cPanel.

Yes, you should do it.

Yes, of course! As i listed earlier. You need to do like this only.
Goto - - Register the account and log in…
Click Add site, Enter site name
Then Select Plan - Free
Then DNS Queries, alter MX Records and A record for your domain. Make sure the ip is correctly added.
Change your nameservers
Wait for 2mins to 2hours. Then do whatever you want.

I hope you understand.

@allroundernaman first of all Thank you so much for always being for the HELP

I disabled the Cloudflare from cPanel.
I added my domain into Cloudflare directly from my Account.
I added Cloudflares nameservers to my domain.
so i done all the things, now i also got dns record just check them if they are Set correctly

Now my mail is not working fine. I can send email into my gmail from my Domain Email but can’t receive a mail from a Gmail into my Domain Email

Have you waited for 2 hours to 2 days… The maximum time in most cases is up to 24 hours. Please wait. Everything Is fine