Help With Moodle

I need Help with MOODLE

Is there a way to install Moodle without using my own Computer as a Server?
I would like to Build a free online learning environment for my church and school, and I just don’t know if it would be possible to run moodle totally off of InfinityFree?
Can someone help me with a break down of this? and A How to?

Theoretically, Moodle should be able to run on InfinityFree. But you would need to install it by hand, because Softacoulous can’t do it properly.

The reason for this is that PHP code running on InfinityFree is restricted to accessing only the files in it’s own website directory for security. But Moodle, at least when installed through Softaculous, requires a data directory outside of the website directory for other security reasons.

Realistically, Moodle should be able to run on InfinityFree if it wants to. But you may have to try installing it manually to see if that works.

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