Help With Making Uploaded Website Visible On Web

Domain: None yet. Still trying to create my new domain name website.

Error Message: “Your domain is not yet pointing to epizy#1 and epizy#2 Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.”

Whenever I go to create a custom new domain name account here

I get this point to Infinity Free servers error message after completing the information step 2. Which posses something of a conundrum.

At the final step 3, the site is prompting me to address the pointing issue. Which is done per these instructions:

Yet I’m unable to do any of this because I haven’t received the validation email from the site as yet? Because the site won’t send the email since it’s requiring me address the infinity server issue first…

Could you share me your URL?
It’s probably because of DNS propagation


Can you please share which domain name you’re trying to add? Yes, I know it’s not setup yet, but if we know which domain name you want to add, we can check why it can’t be set up.

I’m sorry, but what does email verification have to do with it?

Your domain provider should just have a function named something like Custom Nameservers where you can remove the current nameservers of your domain and add ours. That’s it. No email related things there.

If your domain provider has some email related things which need to be done first, you can try to figure that out with them. We don’t require anything of the sorts.

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What do you mean by sharing URL? Is this for the site domain of the site I’m trying to register? If so, then it’s not possible to do so. The only way to do that is to get a confirmation/validation email.

I do have a working subdomain however. But that is separate from the 2/3 other accounts I was trying to setup.

“I’m sorry, but what does email verification have to do with it?”

Because it provides you with your domain/subdomain site info and account info as shown in the posted pics?

And because there is no other way to edit/modify account settings (translation: do site admin things like pointing the new domain/subdomain to those 2 Infinity servers) unless I have a confirmed domain/subdomain to login to first?

You see the conundrum now? I was unable to point the subdomain site to those 2 servers until AFTER the subdomain creation (when I got that email validation). There is NO WAY to do so BEFORE the site gets created in the setup process.

Can you please share which domain name you’re trying to add? Yes, I know it’s not setup yet, but if we know which domain name you want to add, we can check why it can’t be set up.

Forgot to answer this. It’s Which oddly enough, is available in the setup process. But domain creation process still blocked

I just got around to viewing the website from the public side for first time. Now it’s not even loading my pictures:?? Some are being loaded. Others are not (which messes up the spacing and visual page layout). And still other image links which flat out aren’t even showing thumbnail icon for where the pics should be? Even though my HTML5/CSS files clearly indicate an image URL path exists??

Also why is the frame rate so choppy with the animations and embeded YT video on the landing page?

I’ll be happy if you provide some screenshots.

That’s not a verification email. It’s a notification to tell you the account is set up. The email is convenient, but provides no extra information that’s not accessible through the client area already.

I have no idea where you get this idea from.

Oh… wait…

Please be aware that the domain needs to be registered through a domain name provider. InfinityFree is not a domain name provider. You need to purchase the domain elsewhere first, like at NameSilo.

The domain is already registered at Network Solutions. Did you register it there? Because if not, it means the domain is already owned by someone else and you can’t use it.

This is would explain why you’re stuck in the creation process. The domain is eligible to be added. But unless you own the domain and have it pointed to our namseervers, you can’t actually use it.


If you click on the url I provided immediately above your post, you will see what the issue is. For example if you visit the About Us page (from the carousel it’s the one with the pictures of those 2 women) the picture at the bottom does not appear. But the one in the upper part of the screen (with the brunette) does show up.

Example is here:

And here:

etc. All of these show up on my client side end (using Visual Studio Code) Both on the IDE live server and locally on my HD. I previously had them hosted on IIS (through my instructor’s web server account) and all of the pictures showed up with zero issues.

So not sure why they’re not showing up on the subdomain?

And here is what those pages look like from VS Code or viewing pages directly from my HD

Catering page:

I use FIlezilla for FTP/upload. Not sure if that would be an issue though.

2/3 what those pages look like from VS Code or viewing pages directly from my HD

Horse/stable page:

ive checked the horse whisperer page on your website
looking at the source code in the beginner paragraph I see some image links like

<img src="images/ride2-o.png" alt="ride lessons" style="width:49%" /><img src="images/ride1-o.png" alt="ride lessons" style="width:50%" />

these images do not exists on your site and give a 404 error

make sure you upload your image directory and the images within

oh and as this site is uploaded to a directory called /final_Project/ make sure you upload your images directory to this same directory

actually sorry I just checked and your images directory does exist and seems to contain the images


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oh how did I miss this DOH!

your images have a .PNG extension but your img tags have .png

this would work if testing it locally on a file system that is case insensitive (windows is case insensitive) but filenames and extensions on webservers and linux are usually case sensitive and you’ll get a 404 / file not found error

rename the images from .PNG to .png, this will solve the problem, the image file names must match exactly with the file names in the img tags

after you have renamed all your files to match the names in your website html you will have to clear your browser cache so that the new pages will load correctly


I did. I uploaded the entire website with Filezilla. This is what the server side looks like.

All those files are exactly where they’re supposed to be. They show up on IIS web server and locally on my HD. Just not on this subdomain.

I noticed the upper case caste of the file extensions (which apparently got done in process?) Regardless, I changed the PNG and JPG to lower case. But this didn’t do anything after the update…

I just saw this reply right after my earlier post. The case for the file extensions don’t make a difference. I just changed all of them to lower case. And still no images…

i just cleared my browser cache and visited the site again and now I get this

its looking better but jennifer’s pic is still missing so that file name must still not match with the source code

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