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My site is

I own the domain, Is there any possible way to not use the name servers and just set an A record? I use this domain for other purposes, so I would not like to do this.

If you already added the domain on this hosting via the nameservers, here is a KB article that helps you point the hosting with other nameservers and an IP by finding the IP of your account:

If you didn’t add the domain on this hosting, please change temporarily the nameservers to those ones:

and add it either through the “Addon Domains” or the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel. After that, you can change the nameservers to your DNS management provider’s ones, then follow the instructions on the KB article present above to find the IP of your account.


Would I have to wait until the IP propogates, or would I be able to change them back right after"?

For me the IP and the nameservers changes are already propagated, so if you want to use custom services you can now change the nameservers to the other ones, configure the nameservers to use the IP of our hosting and after that wait until it’s propagated on your side.


It’s propogated for me now too, just one last question.

So it’s created a new folder called with a new htdocs, will it work properly if I just transfer all the files from the former HTDOCS folder?

Oh and when I do this it gives me access denied. (Trying to drag the files into the new folder on filezilla)

You need to upload your website files directly on with the same FTP client you were trying to transfer the old files to.


My website is currently not up even though I have the CNAME. (Yes, it has propogated. My other DNS records are working for this domain.)

For me it works, but you need to change the URL of your forum software to the new one (remembering to use http as protocol) in order for it to work fine, then clear your cookies and cache.


I did that, although I think I made it https. Thanks!

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