Help with hosting RSS aggregators, Selfoss and FreshRSS

My website URL is:

Deleted, no need to keep that here any longer.

What I’m seeing is:

I can access the web interfaces of both of these apps I installed from Softaculous.

However, I cannot access their APIs with Android apps.

Selfoss with Reader for Selfoss app: After putting in the login information it just tells me the information is not correct and to check it. I asked the author of the app and they suggested to check the Apache logs and also asked “Are you using some kind of HTTP authentication that would block the api call ? BASIC or DIGEST ?” - am I?

FreshRSS with EasyRSS app: Login credentials don’t seem to work, it just tells me “Login failed, please check username and password”. I’ve followed all suggestions from the apps’ documentation and am waiting on more suggestions from an author of FreshRSS.

FreshRSS with Readrops app: Login credentials don’t work, the app shows either “Item is null” or “HTTP 400 Bad Request”. Again, waiting on suggestions from FreshRSS author.

I’m using this software:

Selfoss and FreshRSS installed from Softaculous.

Reader for Selfoss, EasyRSS and Readrops on Android.

Additional information:

Is there any way to access the Apache logs?


Thanks, I hadn’t seen that before.

In future please consider posting links without explanation can come across as rude, it’s the equivalent of keeping you mouth shut when someone asks you a question face to face and just post pointing to a sign on the wall.

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