Help with FTP

Could anyone please tell me, when using FTP

1/ what is the destination folder to upload to?

Thank you

/htdocs is the root folder for your website


thanks for coming back to me

Website X5 is asking for my URL so i input-
Then is asks for destination folder so i input- /htdocs

But it just wont connect?
So many years since ive done this, sorry. Any help really appreiated!

Can you screenshot the page where it asks for this information, after you filled it out?


thank you. yes will send now!

I havent done FTP for years but just retired and took up photography so would love set a website up/
Im using website X5.
Thank you!!

Click on the “Parameters” blue box and screenshot the forum with all the info filled out.



Weird. Do they give you the option to download the files so you can upload the files manually?

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could it be my router? Port 21?

Spent hours. I can see why its free. Ive uploaded sites to hundreds of FTP servers in the past. Never had issues like this. I think i will go back to a paid host like 1&1.

I fixed it!
The ftp address in the settings is wrong, It should be an ip address
I changed to and it worked immediately!


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