Help with domain


i had a website and connected it to my domain, I disconnected it and connected domain to landing page provider. Still this hosting killed it and it says suspended domain?! fix it asap because our domain is expensive and you blocked it somehow.

you’ll need to supply the domain name if you want us to investigate


Please see this article:

If you remove the domain from your account with us, our web server will serve the redirect from the IP address.

The first thing to do is check your DNS settings. Please make sure that your domain is actually pointing to your new hosting service.

If it already is, then this is most likely caused by DNS caching. This is also explained in the article I linked above.

Next time, please update your DNS settings first and then wait a few days before deleting the domain to account for DNS caching. If you want to fix it right now, you can do so by adding the domain back to the account it was originally deleted from, so you can setup your own maintenance page on it.


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