Help! Websites suspended for no reason

Me and my friend are having a huge problem!
We were working on our projects, we have a few, and suddenly the remote-FTP dissapeared. The website was gone too.
When we looked on InfinityFree and all of the websites had been suspended for abuse! We had no idea what had happened!

We were doing nothing weird, or anything! We really want to continue our projects, so if this has happened to you before, what can we do?
We sent a ticket to them on one of the three websites, and I hope they get back to us.

It could also be that the website names used to me malicious websites, so the abuse scanner marked the websites.

The websites are:, & We see nothing wrong with that.

Please note that we are using free hosting, so we can’t ask for support from the actual people at InfinityFree.

We made sure to send a ticket on all of the websites, and I have read the post about account suspension. But still, this is not right!

One of the accounts has come back! Glad to see that the workers over at InfinityFree are doing their job.