Help to retrieve account

my website still works and I still have access through wp-admin, but I can’t find the account in my Hosting account!

I thought maybe I deleted the account by mistake, but it is not listed in the deleted accounts…

Can someone please help me retrieve the account.

Welcome back @Pas_de_giblotte!
Um, this situation seems awkward :frowning: can you perhaps try clearing your cache? I see the account on an IF account. See,

didn’t work :confused:

also the account was deleted months ago and now reappeared (that’s why I first thought I had deleted the wrong account…)

Found it!! Not sure how it happened, it got store in a the as a subdomain…

now just got to figure out how to work with this :confused:

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Maybe u created it as a subdomain fromtbe control panel

Probably, but I don’t remember doing it… any way, what matters is I didn’t delete my site as I thought I had done :smiley:

Thanks for you help!

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