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Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for my English I am using the google translator.

Let me tell you that I want to use cloudflare, I want the performance and all the benefits, but less everything to do with SSL.
How can you see if I put:

Automatically redirects you to:

The same with the blog and forum subdomains.
This is ok because I set this up
From my wordpress installation and q2a.
So I don’t want when I use cloudflare to redirect me to https because that is already configured from infinity free and wordpress.
Yesterday I configured cloudflare, disabled encryption, set it to disabled, disabled forced http, http 2, tls 1.3 authentication from cloudflare control panel thinking it would work for me.
But when I opened the page I got:


I removed the site from cloudflare and now the site is working as before.
So the question is: what configurations do I have to do in cloudflare for what cloudflare performance and everything else except everything that has to do with SSL? Thank you, if you don’t understand something, ask me without fear. And again sorry for my English.

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Read this…


thanks for the reply.
what I want is that on the cloudflare side it does not provide me with any type of ssl security, that is already configured with lets encript certificates, but the other functions are like cache, proxi if I want it. I don’t know if he let me understand, thank you.
in the encryption part of flexible I changed it to disabled and it did not work

yes, y changed name servers, tanx

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