Help Setting Up Contact Form 7 (or similar) please

Good afternoon folks,

I have a question regarding my free website I am setting up for myself. The website is I use freenom for my free domain name and infinity free for my free hosting.

My question is concerning setting a simple contact form. I saw a lot of videos recommending the Contact Form 7 plugin for WP but when I tried setting it up for myself it says message sent but I receive no messages.

I use a email service based out of Switzerland called ProtonMail. The email address is used to sign up for both freenom and infinity free is my personal ProtonMail email.

I would like some assistance configuring a simple contact form for my website so customers who visit my website have a simple way to fill out a message and have it land in my personal ProtonMail email account.

Any help would be much appreciated! (Though I am a totally new to this, so explanations should be in noob talk! :wink: )

Thanks in advance!



I don’t know how CF7 works, but I think you have to setup SMTP separately since we don’t support PHP mail() here.

You can also use this project instead if you wish.


Like Greenreader9 said, our hosting doesn’t support PHP mail(), so you’ll need to use a third party email provider to send the messages. Almost any email provider can work, and even a simple, free Gmail account will do the trick.

As far as I know, Contact Form 7 just uses the built-in email functionality of WordPress, so you’ll need a WordPress plugin to send mail with SMTP.

The plugin WP Mail SMTP is probably the most popular one, but other plugins like Easy WP SMTP will also work.


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