Help Needed!

Hi Everyone ,

I have buyed a domain from bigrock, Then I added it to InfintyFree Hosting after that I wanted to add to Cloudflare but I had a error is not registered, So I reached out to Cloudflare community

Here’s the link of the conversion -

Sandro - talk to your host about that. Plus, set the correct nameservers in that case.

So now how to set the correct nameservers

Any Help is highly Appreciated !


Username: epiz_31484567

You may need to wait a few days. I have had this problem while trying to add a domain that was very new.


i just checked and the name servers have not fully propagated yet

click this link below to check on the progress


This is the only problem I have InfintyFree will to propogate quickly !

Hi Everyone

The issue is fixed now !

all countrys are showing cloudflare name servers except france ? weird


Please note that DNS propagation is not something that needs to slowly travel across the world to be updated. It depends on the DNS cache on your device or on the DNS resolver you’re using (which is usually provided by the ISP).

So if all servers in your country say one thing, it doesn’t mean you’ll see the same result.

Also, with, many of the servers don’t respond, or return inconsistent results.

All in all, don’t put too much stock in the exact results shown there.


Good advice

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