Help needed with PHPMailer

Hello, i just fill the config.php files but i search on the doc and on internet and didn’t found tutorial how to setup the sending mail commands.

Maybe read this first


PHPMailer itself is just a library, a bundle of code to integrate into your own project. It doesn’t have a configuration file, because the configuration is supplied by your implementation code.

How to integrate it into your code, what configuration you need and the available functions can be found on the GitHub page (both in the project readme and the Wiki):

Why are you asking this here though? To use PHPMailer, you’ll need to integrate the PHPMailer library into your code and provide the credentials of your chosen SMTP provider. InfinityFree just provides the web hosting, you’ll need to find a different email provider yourself and setting up the code is also your responsibility.


If i use this library i will be able to send mail on infintyfree or it will reject it like it did with the mail() function ?

You will be able to send mail.