Help me remove my site from

I need my site removed from after it was suspended. I cant wait. I cant use it will hot my SEO.

Pls i need my account deleted now!

You’ve to wait for 24 hours, we cannot reactivate it immanently, sorry!

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I cant delet my account, i need to delete it now, i have paid for hosting on another platform. I am expecting my site to drive 30,000 visit per month and i have only recieved about 4k hits. Then my site is deactivated for 24hrs for high cpu usage. This will affect my seo badly and spoil my news bussiness plan. I am sorry i need to deactivate and delete my account But the deactivate button is not visible.

Better change the Nameservers, which will remove the domain from infinity free.

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Also theirs an advertisement after my site was deactivated. Very bad

Ive done it but no changes yet. I dont understand

This is free hosting…Not a professional hosting

Remove A records in dns records

Ok thanks

That should work but it would take some time due to dns propagation.

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