Help! Login and sign up don't work


Hello! I just connected my Login and Sign up to MySQL, but now they don’t work, when I try to create an account, it doesn’t let me. Could someone help me troubleshoot? I will send pictures if you need them.

It’s great that you’re willing to share pictures, but at least for me, code snippets and error messages would help a lot more.

Also clear reproduction steps and a good description about what does happen. “they don’t work” and “it doesn’t let me” could be anything. Error messages, descriptions of site behavior and such are a lot more specific.

The site is fine apart from the login and sign up system.
I do not get any error messages, or anything, it just dosen’t redirect me.

So… you’re expecting a redirect? If you don’t see a redirect, what DOES happen?

When I press the login or register button, it just reloads the same page that im on.
It should redirect me to /My/Home.php

Show us the code?

Login.php or Register.php?

1 - your website is pretty much broken - a lot is missing
the question is also whether the php syntax is correct

2 - and you are use some resources from the webarchive which is not ok

you need to sit down and review all the code and validate it
to be at least syntax correct


the resources from the archive are nothing to do with the login, they are to get the classic theme.

I don’t understand what is wrong, my syntax is correct

or seems to be correct

So what does the PHP code look like? You’ve shared a screenshot which only shows HTML. It looks like it submits to the same page though with PHP_SELF. So if you don’t trigger your form processing code in that same page, then of course it will just reload the page in place.

Could you consider sharing the code text as text, not as a screenshot?

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