Help how to change php version 7.2?

I would like to change version to 7.2 and activate the “mbstring” can someone help how do I do this?

New PHP versions should be installed on the server level, which you cannot access from an individual account.
We intend to add new PHP versions soon (and remove some of the oldest ones).

you have date and update day of this because you needed to install a new forum that only gets this version of php

If you want to install IPB 4.4 (AKA your new forum) on this hosting, the answer is to wait until iFastNet upgrades PHP to 7.2 or move to another hosting, like X10Hosting, and if you’re on X10Hosting, switch the cPanel theme to X3, don’t use the Basic theme, so you can find the option “Select PHP version”, change it to 7.2, enable mbstring and install IPB 4.4 without a problem.

If you’re willing to invest hundreds of dollars in forum software (which IPS Community will set you back), I can highly recommend to invest a few dollars in premium hosting as well. You don’t just get newer PHP version, but also much faster servers (which is useful given how big IPS Community is).

Pirated software will never be tolerated on our hosting, regardless of which PHP version we offer.

good friend I started working with forum 2 years ago but I have a lot of what I learn so I’m still using pirate to learn more and then start investing more in IPS forum I understood more if I had no help I’ll tell you more I’ll wait for you to update as another friend said up

I’m sorry, but maybe I should clarify what I said before:

Pirated software is strictly forbidden on our hosting. Please remove any pirated software from your account immediately, or we will be forced to do so for you.

By using pirated software, you’re not just violating the law, you’re also exposing yourself and your users to outdated software with potentially unfixed security problems and possible backdoors installed by the cracker. This is why pirated software is completely forbidden and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

If the IPS Community license is too expensive for you (which I can imagine), please consider switching to free software like MyBB or Vanilla Forums instead.

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