Help from merging from replit

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Error Message

403 Forbidden
Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page
Hello, im new on InfinityFree, i don’t have experience on programming.
The replit i want to transfer is this one:DEMO - Replit
I have transfered all the files and it comes with this error.
If someone can, please help me cause its urgent
Thanks :slight_smile:

Please read


The script being shown is a Node.js script. I’m not sure if Node.js is only being used to build the website files or whether there is any actual Node.js server side scripting. In either case, please note that we only support PHP as server side programming language, you cannot run Node.js on free hosting. Frontends (such as React) can be built elsewhere and uploaded here, but any Node.js server scripts cannot be hosted with us.


Thank you. Can i ask if there’s a hoster that can host node.js? Thanks :slight_smile:

Premium hosting supports Node.js. But please note that web hosting in general is fairly restrictive in what it allows in terms of programming languages. There are other types of hosting services that are more versatile, but they also tend to be more expensive.


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