Help Fix Account Suspension

Admin, Please help me recover/reactivate my account.

Your account is Suspended

Your account was suspended for a violation of our terms of service. Reasons for this may include harmful or illegal content, or because your account overloaded our servers.

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated, or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket.

In some cases of severe abuse, we may choose to not provide any further information or provide access to account data.

Accounts that are not reactivated will be deleted automatically after 20-60 days. Accounts cannot be deleted earlier on request

It says “submit a support ticket”. Not “post on the community forum”.

Permanent account suspensions aren’t handled through the forum.


still No response from infinityfree admin

Patience please. It can take some time before a ticket git answered.

And take notice that Admin doesn’t reply to support tickets. The iFastNet team from UK answers them.

If your ticket isn’t getting any reply after a whole day, reply to your ticket to bump it back to the list.


I checked your account. No ticket appears to have been logged for it through our system.

Please find your suspended account in the client area and click the big red Create Ticket button to request an appeal.

Like @Frank419 has already says: you need to submit a support ticket, not ask on the forum.

I cannot help you with this. We have a process for this. Please follow it.


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