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This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.


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the non https version too does not display may website

I see this


Please remove subdomain from hosting account then add it in again

As for

Did you do these?


Okay, thank you for response. I will try your suggestion and comeback later. By the way after i experience the error i try some fixes but does not work the 2 last fix i did was to remove force redirection of http to https and request new ssl certificate to other provider. thank you again.

i did this, but the error still show. any other way? or maybe i should way some time.

I read in this SSL page. There are some SSL provider does not issue SSL for subdomain

the ssl works well before, just this day it throws error.

The domain is not assigned to any hosting account right now. You can add it to an existing hosting account through the Subdomains menu in the control panel.


i delete it a while a ago. then add it back but the error still happen

Any subdomain name that’s not in use is redirected to a domain parking page. That’s the page you see.

If this happens for a domain name that’s assigned to a hosting account, that’s a problem, because new records should have been added for your domain when you added it to your account.

But if you deleted the domain from the account, then seeing the parking page is perfectly normal, because the subdomain is not in use.

In any case, if you don’t want to show a parking page, please add it to an account.


Thank you for the response. The domain parking page is live before i delete and recreated the sub domain and the sub domain is created a few minutes after i deleted it.

The time i saw err_ssl_protocol_error i waited a hour to pass but the error still appear. I check for ssl certificate in cpanel it is still set but in free ssl page its status is issued but under verify install its status is no ssl certificate was found.

the website is running for about a month.

For reference

The error still persist. Any other solution? Thank you.

Did you do this?

I am still seeing this


Yes i did. its not

its been there.

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