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hi I just started my site on infinityfree

when i go to the site ( it says access denied … someone can help me?

Please wait for 24 hrs due to DnS propagation

ty for the fast response

ill wait

Which is your domain exactly?

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.tk is banned so probably

i have that redirects to

your website doesn’t point to our nameservers, please change them to and

Yes it is

It does not.

i just checked

It isn’t changed yet.

idk freenom is dumb

now is changed but i have the same error

Wait for some time!

ok sorry

I checked, But get no response from your nameservers, Have you added your domain as an addon/parked domain? Your clearly on our hosting system, But you need to assign the domain name

when i started i clicked on use your custom domain and put the domain

Can you show me a screenshot of the domain added in your vPanel?

Did you check your index.html/index.php? Check it by going to the Filemanager, and go to the htdocs folder. Open the index and share what it says.