Hello, don’t worry, I have an ifastnet host in another agency, and due to the suspension of the agency’s services, I intend to transfer my hosting to this agency and your site. Please help me.


My access to the agent’s cpanel has been cut off

How do you think you’ll be able to migrate your website without access to the data? What options do you have to obtain your website’s data?


I have my cpanel username and password

If it’s the agency that got suspended and not you, try entering these credentials in InfinityFree’s control panel and see if you can login. If they work and you can login, all is good, follow the tutorial sent above. If not, then that means that unfortunately something’s wrong, either your account is gone or the credentials aren’t correct (you can try a password reset).

If it’s your account that is suspended, however, you’ll need to raise a ticket through the panel to get your account unsuspended before you can access the data.


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