thefaceforum.com theface.42web.io

(I want the website to just be thefaceforum.com)

###I dont have an error message

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, i have just purchased the Super premium hosting ($4.99 monthly / $47.88 yearly) but my theface.42web.io has not carried over, nor does the control panel on the theface.42web.io site through infinityfree show any change in light of the purchase. Am i supposed to see a change here?

I have a new Cpannel for the new thefaceforum.com domain i got for free when purchasing the Super premium but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the site i have already started building at theface.42web.io

You can ask the IFastNet to migrate the subdomain to your premium hosting account.


Adding this to what @Ziverre said:


Ok thanks for the speedy reply!

Ok so i can ask them to transfer my whole site over and run it from there?


Thank you, i have submitted a ticket, i am waiting now




I could of started over to be honest, but when i tried to re install oxwall, the site wouldnt load straight into it? instead it would show this

Does anyone know why this is?

Still waiting on the help desk for the migration.

You installed it in the /oxwall subfolder. If you want your Oxwall website to load up when you go on / on your website, you should install it leaving the “Directory” field empty.


Good shout ! thank you, i have managed to get oxwall on there properly now! Ive tried to install adverts on my site but cant seem to install the plugin to allow me to add code for an advert. i keep getting an FTP LOGIN ERROR!

I’ve found an Oxwall’s developer forum topic about your same issue:

But anyway it’s a matter to set as FTP host the hostname of your Premium Hosting server, as username the username they generated for your cPanel and as password the password they generated for your cPanel.


Ok makes sense, funny enough i wasnt given one that im aware of. I just log into cpanel through ifastnet’s browser

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