Hello, I get such an error when setting up my website can you help Screenshot by Lightshot

Can you please help me with this

As it said, please allow 20 minutes then retry. If the issue persists, then please try updating your hosting account’s password in the client area, ( in Accounts > if0_xxxxx / epiz_xxxxx > Account Settings > Hosting Account Password ) then retry.


I performed the operation you specified and I got this error again and it gave this error all day long, can you help please

This error hardly occured to me before. You can try to:

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Switch device / network.
  • Use a different Control Panel like cpanel.rf.gd , cpanel.free.nf .

Did anything show up in the browser console?

Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry

It only happens when I want to set up worldpres

I’ve tried everything you said. :frowning:

What is the action you are trying to take when you see this?

I want to install Worldpress on my site, but I can’t get in somehow

How can I get rid of this error :frowning:

Then you have to rely on manual installation.

Follow this guide:

WordPress Download:


What’s the username of the account on which you experience this problem?

Something may have gone wrong with your account. This usually can be fixed, but then we do need to know where to look. Just a screenshot of an error message doesn’t help us.



I solved my previous problem, but I don’t know how I did it, now my site is available, but I’m trying to get a certificate, can you help me, I want my site to be reliable.

I’m trying to get an SSL Certificate, but I’ve made it so far, what should I do next?

Moderator here - please upload the screenshot directly to the forum in the future
or drag and drop it into your post or copy/paste it via the app - there is no need to use external services for that.
I edited your post and added a picture.

You are on step 3

see here:

It seems to me that you can request a cert unless it still tells you that it is not ready

test - https://digwebinterface.com/?hostnames=_acme-challenge.winslot.rf.gd&type=CNAME&ns=resolver&useresolver=


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