Bu siteye ulaşılamıyor

uczhesap.ml ana makinesinin yanıt vermesi çok uzun sürdü.

Aşağıdakileri deneyin:


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This site is not available

The uczhesap.ml host took too long to respond.

Try the following:

 Checking your connection
 Checking proxy and firewall
 [Running Windows Network Diagnostics] (javascript: diagnoseErrors ())


Please wait 72 hours for your domain to work


Hmmm, I have never seen a website that hasn’t been “up” yet give that error message.

@UtkuRilis make sure your computer/network firewall isn’t blocking access to the website.

It works fine for me.

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noooooo nooooooo I tried it didn’t

Can you solve my problem? The site does not open http://uczhesap.ml/

Your domain only works with the www version, so it seems like your DNS records are corrupted. Can you try to remove your domain and then re-add it again on the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, then upload your website files on the new document root the system has created (so uczhesap.ml/htdocs/)? That should fix the issue, but even then the www version of the domain also throws a HTTP ERROR 500, so after solving this read this article to solve the other error:


Still, did you wait 72 hrs?

yes yesss

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domainim çalışmıyor
sitem açılmıyor ??

translated by the moderator
Hi my domain is not working

Can you try what I said on my previous reply, then clear your browser and DNS cache after doing all of this and see if it works?

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