Hello there, Suspended website

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There is no Error Message, just every time I’m doing a post my site is getting suspended for another 24 hours.

It is being transferred to iFastnet.com Special offer and Discount Coupon

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I know it is about daily limits, but how can I find a way to dismiss that problem.

Thank you very much :blush:

In short, every file that a page requests on your website is a hit. All you can do to stop this is enable a caching service like Cloudflare, or combine files to reduce hits. (In my opinion, do both)


Ok, thank you.
Can I use Cloudflare for free account, and is it free?

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Yes, and yes you can lol


And is every change I do in my website is “hit”. For example: putting a plugins or editing?
Thank you

Ok, let me give you an example:
On one page of your website, it requests 2 CSS files & 3 JS files. This creates 5 hits for that page. Now when you do the maths (all of the below is an exame)
5 (hits) x 10 (pages) x 300 (no. of visitors)
It adds up to quite a lot.

Make sure you read the KB first:


thank you very very much :star_struck: :innocent:

What makes you say that? The client area clearly says that you hit the Entry Process limit, not the hits limit.


Rip :confused:

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