hello please help me. I accidentally deleted the domain name http://resourcepacksvn-benta.great-site


I am [truongtrung], the owner of the domain http://resourcepacksvn-benta.great-site.net/. I am writing this letter to request assistance in restoring my domain after I accidentally deleted it.

I have created and managed this website for a long time, and it is of great importance to me and my community. I made an unnecessary mistake when I deleted it, and I am currently trying to recover the domain to continue developing the website.

Please kindly assist me in restoring the domain http://resourcepacksvn-benta.great-site.net/. I am committed to maintaining this website and complying with all relevant domain usage regulations.

Thank you for your support in helping me recover this domain. I look forward to receiving a prompt response from you.



Hi there, you need to add your domain back via the subdomain section, then move your files from htdocs to the resourcepacksvn-benta.great-site.net/htdocs using an FTP client such as filezilla.


I still don’t understand much, can you explain it clearly?

Go back to the Control Panel’s home page, then go down and go on “Subdomains”, add your subdomain there, then:

Both the File Manager and an FTP client work for moving files; the problem is in copying the files instead if you’re copying heavy files or too many files.


Note that you can also restore the domain through the Domains menu in the client area, which doesn’t separate the list of domains of your account across three different pages.

You’ll still need to move the files yourself though.


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