Hello, my website will be suspended because it of Daily Hits Usage or CPU Limits are not good idea?

Hmm! Does the problem on “account suspended” comes from Daily Hits or CPU Limits? I want to know more.

There are a few dozen reasons why accounts can be suspended, mostly falling either under the category of “malicious content” or “abuse of server resources”.

“Malicious content” can be anything from a file which is from a known abuse account, certain code snippets or texts which are known to be bad, unsafe code constructions or suspicious domains. This system is to help stop phishing sites before they are even fully uploaded. All of these will cause your account to be suspended, and you’ll have to contact support to get the content checked and the account reactivated. False positives are fairly common in this category.

“Abuse of server resources” has to do with getting too many hits, using too much CPU power or RAM, excessively querying a database and so forth. Usually, these suspensions only last a day, but sometimes a website is just too big for free hosting.

Then there are some reasons which don’t fall under either of those categories, like your IP address being in a blacklist.