Hello My Site Looks Dangerous

**My website URL is:blue-tick-badge.ml

*What I’m seeing is: My site seems dangerous.

![|16x16](![ Hello My Site Looks Dangerous



*I’m using this software: I use it to help people.

Additional information:

Hello My site looks like a dangerous site. I want you to fix it. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Do you have malware? It can get in by serveral methods. Do you also use Wordpress?

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You sure your domain exists?



my site was flagged as phishing by google and Microsoft and my account got suspended by infinityfree. I hit advance on the warning page and reported to Microsoft and google my site was safe and they removed the false positive after 24hrs.

I had to get support to re-activate my account by showing a snapshot of the site.

Once msft and google removed the warning, I setup free cloudflare ssl and hope to never get that message again as my site is now https.

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