Hello my site is suspended... But Why?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I see my site is suspended and will open on 23 December on afternoon.

I’m using this software:

I am using WordPress and I added rss feed in a tab so people can see some news. Mind you I only use two plugins in WordPress.

But I do not have 50.000 hits I do not even have 500.

So why do you suspend my site?
I suspect 50.000 clicks is not the limit.

If I buy a premium plan will this stop?
And basically if go to a premium plan here or in another company could I bring the site as it is now or do I have to rebuild it?

I see you offer a 19.99$ plan for a year. Has this plan these problems?
Please respond because my site will host a paid web radio player. And is important to be online without problems.


You’re right, you don’t have 50,000 hits. But if you actually check the client area, you’ll see that you’re not suspended because of the hits limit.

If you check the client area, you’ll clearly see that you’re suspended because of the CPU usage limit. You’ll also see a link to the knowledge base with more information about this limit, which also explains that hits are not the only reason why you generate CPU usage.

You can see this in the client area. We try to be as clear about the limits as we can, and actually point out which limit you hit, and show you the graphs to prove it.

The hits limit and CPU limit are not the same thing. And a hit is not the same thing as a click.

That depends on how much CPU power your website needs. Premium plans come with much higher limits, so you’re probably alright. But if your website does consume a lot of CPU power, the smallest premium plan may not be enough either. But you can go for the small plan first and upgrade if it turns out it’s not enough.


I saw what you are talking… The thing is I do not know how to check how cpu usage my site has.
How to Chet this and basically is there an easy way to reduce cache usage?
Maybe using a plugin for this purpose?


A caching plugin can help. Unfortunately, relating CPU usage back to specific pieces of PHP code is extremely involved, so we can’t really offer statistics like that.


So I have to use to live with this problem?

And will you open my site again?
It is closed for a looong time.
Please do something.

Your account will automatically be reactivated when the timers in the control panel and client area expire. I can’t do anything to make that timer go faster.

No, of course not. You can try to reduce the CPU usage of your website or you can upgrade your account. Or you can accept that your account may be suspended again due to CPU usage.

The only thing we can’t do is give you more CPU power for free, because that would be unfair.

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Ok so what do you suggest me to reduce cpu usage?
Do I have to delete modules, plugins, cache and pages in my site?

I have to delete cache every day to be fine?

edit: I just saw the statistics and my site hasn’t reach any per day limit.
So can you tell me exactly what happened?

I deleted some plugins, my email form and some collumns in the start page. I also deleted cache and stuff like that. Last but not least i do not use something that is heavywight. So please give me a good explanation why this happens.

I would love to buy a plan but i need to see how’s the site going at least 6 months from now. Please help and understand this. Thanks a lot !

The very first thing is what is modules

To reduce your CPU limit is not to clear cache but install it. Cache can reduce your CPU usage (stop deleting your cache). Since your using WordPress use ''wp fastest cache" it will help to cache your website. And reduce your plugin usage.

CPU limit is not daily hit. It is two different things.

It’s not necessary that you’re using something heavyweight that makes your CPU usage become high. In my case, it is a lot of visitors visit/hit my website at the same time that makes the CPU high. The solution that I use is using Cloudflare use the "under attack mode"
It help to prevent a lot visitor to hit your website a the same time.

I understand, but no one can help you except your self. If you really need a great hosting service just purchase any paid hosting service out there. If you can’t afford $20 a year for Ifastnet. There is a lot of great cheap hosting out there such as hostinger. But if you’re not using a lot of space/storage I suggest you use jimat hosting they were good.

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Clearing cache could cause an webpage to update right? (e.g. if a webpage refreshed wasnt updating clearing cache would help) so i cant get my head around why not deleting cache?!

I am sorry. My bad once a day is actually okay. But in my opinion, to avoid being suspended it’s better to not clear cache then been suspended for 24 hours.

Cache is actually supposed to help reduce CPU usage, not cause it. If anything, I would expect clearing cache would increase, not decrease CPU usage. It may decrease disk usage, but disk usage isn’t really a problem here.

You can also try a profiling plugin like UsageDD or Debug Objects, which may give more insight as to which parts of your website are responsible for resource usage.


Ok I see what happened. I send the link to my page to more than 10-20 people at the same time. So maybe my site reached the cpu due to a lot hits at the same time.

Please explain how can I use cloudflare under attack mode. What’s the steps I have to follow so 10 people for example can use my site at the same time?

I want to host a web radio in that site so @ Fridays where my show will be on air more than 70 people(and less than 300) will stick to the show…

Thanks a lot…

So I’d better install cache in my site? Will " wp fastest cache" really do the job?

From “usage dd” or “debug projects” which is the one you recommend to me? I mean the easiest and the lightest.

Thanks a lot!

Delete any unnescessary plugins, please do not delete cache, even if you change the code, the cache should update, if you see that your site doesn’t change press F5. Use pagespeed insights (look it up) to see what you can do to reduce it. Then you won’t have to buy a plan unless you really need to.

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under attack mode, they give your visitors js challenge before accessing your website so its delay your visitor from accessing your website. But I only recommend it if your main priority is to allow visitors to visit your website because some people might feel it annoying when you use it. Check my website for example. infocheez.com Did you feel annoyed?

well the thing is I am not sure infinityfree could able to handle up to 70 visitors at the same time. I never get 70 visitors at the same time regularly visitors were not reach my site at the same time

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Unfortunately i deleted a little cache. I can install cache with the above methods Right ?
So I cannot add in my site a player so people can listen to music?

@infchz yes but if I add a player script where people can listen to music (from another server) do you believe is impossible? I will make my own show every Friday so around 70 people will have my site open. Is there such a limit in infinity free?

I have a long answer but the short answer is yes

well it might work but we don’t know until we try right?. But I think it is possible.

You need to depend on the client-side to run most of the code, only use server-side code when you’re trying to access a database or the code is so important.

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What do you mean by saying this?
I will buy a host plan on e radio and I can add this on my web page here on infinity free. I won’t have a problem I believe.

@infchz and how I enable this under attack mode, because I found your site responsive, so I think it’s not a major problem.

The cache should be automatically created when the plugin (or whatever it is) is used. You shouldn’t be needing to manually create the cache. Are you planning to write the cache about by hand?

70 people is fine. Just don’t exceed the cpu limit. It exist as to be fair to everyone, (by giving everyone a fair piece of the cpu power).

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