Hello i cannot edit my index.html file due to file permissions?

helloi cannot edit my index.html file in my htdocs folder,why?
Please fix it adminstor
May i ask is this free hosting site capable of hosting ~40000+ folders and pages(implying that can have infinite pages and posts on wordpress,and lots of wiki pages) ,i would like to use this site for my homepage,another issue i had is when i upload documents to wp-admin/uploads,i use the wordpress interface,the media will show in the library but when i directly upload using ftp it does not show in media file in wordpress.
Pls answer this questions please
I love this site :slight_smile:

40000+ folders and pages are really impossible to host with us because of the Inode Limit.
You may need to install a plugin that allows to put on the Media Library the uploaded images with FTP.

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Did you rename the index2.html to index.html and are now trying to edit that? Because that’s not going to work. You need to delete the index2.html and create a new index.html file which you can edit.


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