Hello can you you send me a copy of my dns records

Website URL


this is my website i need copy of all my dns plz if you can send it here @admin.

You can view your DNS records with your DNS zone provider (whoever your namservers are set to). If you use InfinityFree namservers, you can find them in the control panel.


im using free plan of infinityfree so can i still see it?if so where exactly from control panel?

i just want my all nameservers i cant see it because im using free plan @admin plz send me copy of my all dns.

Yes, in the control panel. It’s all sorted by record type (CNAME, MX, SPF, etc).

Namservers are not DNS records. Your namservers can be found with your domain registrar. If you have a free subdomain, you can’t edit your namservers.


The client area has a DNS Records menu that combines all the DNS records published on your domain in a single view.

There is no export functionality to obtain a copy of all records, but the DNS controls on our hosting are pretty limited, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to copy the things you need by hand.


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