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(please share the FULL error message you see)

Hello there

my service has been suspended in the morning and there is still no answer yet, no support provider please, can someone urgently take care of it?

If it is temporary suspension, wait for around 24hrs for suspension to be lifted.
If it is due to abuse, pls raise support ticket

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Please note that most support systems list tickets by time since last reply. So by bumping your message repeatedly, you’re continuously moving yourself to the back of the queue.

So please submit your message and then just wait for a response. Don’t copy, paste and send the same message every 5-10 minutes, because you’ll never move to the front of the queue if you do that.

In addition to the fact that people tend to generally be more considerate of requests if you’re friendly and respectful. And spamming “URGENT URGENT URGENT!!!” is neither of those things.

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