Header request in C# with WebClinet

Hello, so my friend has a code, which he wasn’t able to fix, and I said I will make a forum post here. So here I am. The following problem is, that we have a web request from our C# program, which downloads a file from the webserver. Now, if we try to download it, it always gives us the 403 forbidden error message. We have a header in our code, but I am unsure if it’s like a login or something, it looks like a username and password.

My question now would be, do you need to include these “header” into the URL to get access to it?

There is a security system, better explained here, that ensures that only web browsers can access your website, and not bots. So your C# headers can not be requested, and you must upgrade to Premium Hosting as the security system will be less obtrusive and you can use the website to access it with other programs.

Thank yu for your answer. In a erlier version of our code, the exact same thing worked and we were able to download it with the script.

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So did maybe something change or?

I think that is a problem with the security system, that will not be disabled unless you upgrade to Premium Hosting or change hosting provider to e.g. X10Hosting.

Ok thank you.

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