Hcbbs.free.nf unvisitable

Website URL


Error Message


Other Information

I tried use proxyium, it can be visit. But it not to using it will unvisitable.

No issue


But I can’t visit.

why your forum displayed English?

Why not?

Issue most likely on your end


GFW blocked?
But I testing it tips not GFWed.

But my info not any illegal.

And how to change domain name?

Help what?
Write clearly

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You tell us. We’re not in China to test it, and we’re not in the Chinese government to control it.

You can simply add a new domain name to your account, and then migrate your website to that new domain. Domains can only be added and removed, not modified.

It’s a community support forum for a free hosting service. You’re not paying anyone for the help you’re getting, and most people on here are volunteers who don’t get paid at all. So please understand that you won’t get instant support at all times.


I had finished.

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