Having trouble with SSL

I am having trouble with uploading private key and ssl certification in my cpanel. When even i paste private key and click upload. After upload I can’t see any private key.

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I am going to need the SSL provider you are using to get this certificate.

Also, can you follow this guide and let me know what step you are stuck on?

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Its Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate from infinityfree ssl certificated.

I had followed these steps but I am having trouble with uploading certificate in my cpanel.

What error are you getting?

When I go to my cpanel and open ssl and then click on configure. I have 3 Sections for Private Key, CSR and Certificate.
I paste the private key in empty box of private key section and then click on upload. After page refresh the private key box remains empty.

Here comes another trouble, now I am not able to login to my cpanel.
I see this when go to my cpanel.

Yes, that is a know issue, they may be doing maintance.

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OK then how much time will it take?

It looks like it is already back up again

Now I can Login to cpanel. But

This problem is still present.


  • Clearing your cache
  • Using a different browser
  • Using a VPN

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