Having issue with installing wordpress, shows ads on domain visit

Website URL - https://cryptoxcoins.info/

Error Message

Hey Team,
I am facing the issue related to wordpress install. I have installed wordpress on my custom domain multiple times but everytime some random advertising is showing on my domain (while i visit on it). You can see the issue screenshot.
I have already read some of your forum answers where users have the same problem and had applied it on my website (delete the account, remove domain and again add it but still facing same issue). My DNS is targeting your hosting. Please check this issue and provide me the suitable solution asap.

Screen shot link (if upper image is not load) - Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi and welcome to the forum! For me your website works fine:

You might need to wait for DNS propagation, or clear your browser cache and DNS cache. This article may also be helpful:


Hey, Thanks for the reply
I have checked my website on another browser but still facing the issue see the ss

I have cleared my browser cache but I don’t know how to clear DNS cache. Is it something different?
one thing more in your ss the domain it opening with ?i=1 but in my case it is opening normally.
but i have tried to applied it mannually and still facing the issue

Yeah, it is something different. The article I linked to has another article to clear your DNS cache there:

You can also change your DNS to a faster and less caching provider, like, Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. Those sites also have the setup guide for those DNS providers for your device.


Hey thanks for the article now after flushing DNS cache i am able to see my website. but there is one more query regarding admin login. How can i login into wordpress dashboard casue will visiting the site it showing URL - http://cryptoxcoins.info/?i=1 why is this in the end of url (?i=1). and after putting wp-admin in the end of url it is not showing anything. Please guide me regarding this as well. thanks in advance


Don’t use this marked in yellow… use this URL cryptoxcoins.info/wp-admin/

also your admin URL redirects/forces the HTTPS version (protocol), but you don’t have an SSL certificate installed


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