Having FTP or File Manager Trouble?

Having FTP or FileManager Errors?

Don’t worry, FTP access is just temporarily disabled for some accounts due to server upgrades.

Some files are being moved to newer, faster hardware. To ensure this migration can be done as quickly and as smoothly as possible, we have decided to temporarily disable some features that cause a lot of changes to files, such as FTP and Softaculous.

Rest assured that your files are safe, and you should have a faster and more reliable website when all of this is done.

The maintenance should hopefully be done soon, but it’s very hard to reliably predict how long a migration like this would take. The original estimate was around 24 hours, but it may be more or less.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. We’d rather not disable features like this, but this was the best way to ensure your website would keep running with the highest certainty of data integrity.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks a lot. I need this news.

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is already 2 days :confused:

Has this been resolved? I am having trouble with my file managers, and it seems like this may be related.

The migration takes as long as it takes, we cannot reliably predict how long it will take, or do much to speed it up. Please have patience.

You tell me!

First of all, it depends on the kind of trouble you’ve been having. The scope of this issue is that people cannot login to their file managers at all. If you’re seeing something else, your issue is not related.

A good way to check is to try to login with FileZilla instead. FileZilla actually tells you the error returned by the FTP server. If you get a “421 - Home Directory Not Available” error, it means you’re affected by this issue. If not, then it must be something else.

And if the issue is something else, please check the knowledge base for other explanations. And if you cannot find an answer there, please create a new topic.


421 Home directory not available

Yes, I get error 421

Gentlemen, the FTP is enabled again (for some accounts, maybe)

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and sites will be so much faster !


Yes, I was getting error 421 as well. But it is working for me now. Thank you very much.