Have you ever made money from your website?

I’ve clearly been doing things the wrong way for a long time. Like many of the sites hosted here, I ought to focus on finding ways to make my website pay its own costs so that I can go back to paying for hosting instead of depending on the kindness of others. I had no idea before how to turn page views into money, other than through google ads, but I didn’t want random junk appearing on my pages which might have been unsuitable for the people I write content for. The bulk of my site is educational and aimed at children, and most adverts would be completely irrelevant to them, while the few that might be of interest to them could be highly exploitative. I need to be able to control what they see. Some pages are aimed at older readers though, so there could be options for using ads there, but crucially, there are also some educational toys which all children should be directed to, so I’m not opposed to using adverts in all cases.

A link in a thread here recently took me to a site that gives lots of ideas about generating an income from a website: Make Money Online Guide for Beginners » WebNots and there was one particular tip there that I had been completely unaware of: 4 Ways to Sell More With Amazon Associates – WebNots - perhaps this is the key to solving my problem. You can write about specific products and link to them, and if someone follows your link and buys that product (or any other product on the same visit), you get a commission on whatever they buy. I need to become more commercial.

There’s a complication though. It takes time to get accepted, and if a page gets too popular before enough people are clicking through to buy, the site will repeatedly be suspended before enough money comes in to pay for hosting, so there’s a pressure on any site hosted here not to get too popular and, as a consequence, not to make money. Still, having too many page views should in the long term be a better problem than not having enough, so that’s a risk worth taking.

But what’s your experience? What actually works? How much money have you managed to make out of how many page views on your most popular pages, and who is your audience? I’m not fishing for models to copy: I just want to know what’s realistic, and particularly for a site aimed at children. Do you typically need a thousand hits or a million of them to generate a dollar? Maybe this is the wrong place to ask though, because most of the sites here are likely just as unsuccessful as mine, but maybe if we bounce ideas off each other and share the little knowledge we have, we might be able to turn some of them around.


No, I haven’t because you need some requirements, making USD1000 would be so hard!

Actually you can make money from your site
By using google AdSense or Ads Network

Read more! in this “blog”

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I have not experience with that but i can suggest something that can make you earn money.

In DMCA, there is an affiliate program which gives users to promote their services in exchange of big money.

Here is the table:

Available Products

Product Code Product Name Subscription Commission (one-time)
Sample Code DMCA Toolkit Monthly $10
Sample Code DMCA Toolkit Yearly $25
Sample Code DMCA Takedown none $25

^ As you can see above, the DMCA Takedown is free and if someone use Takedown with your affiliate link, you earn $25 instantly! Suppose 5 people use Takedown => earn $100 easily!

*I use personally this. But however, due to lack of visitor, i haven’t earned any commision. -_-

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I doubt the DMCA thing can work in reality - you’re never going to know if your affiliate link was used to lead to someone else signing up for free, so there could be dozens of people doing that via your link while you get nothing, meaning that you’d just be giving them free advertising. If it did work, it would be open to a lot of cheating the other way too, so I wouldn’t blame them for never paying out (unless it actually leads to someone buying their services).

I haven’t earned from My website. But I’ve earned about 45usd through coding websites :grinning:

You could also earn from coding by taking commissions. If you don’t have any coding experiences,then setting up Ads from Google or etc can make you some money.

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It is possible, I was once with an Ad network, but the payout was poor, personally I give away my code for free. But I did once get payed GBP150 from Microsoft, It’s a short story;

  • I come to door
  • I open my letter
  • Letter has cheque
  • Cheque doesn’t bounce
  • I have 150GBP more

I have an $100 AD-CREDIT code/coupon.

Useful for starting an ads or for advertiser (Personal ads). For example you want to promote your website on other website, and you will pay the publisher (pay per click).

If anyone want it, just kindly DM me.

Thanks for those answers. I could potentially make money by writing JavaScript code for other people’s sites - I’ve just improved my skills at that dramatically by doing some work of that kind for someone for free, building a virtual keyboard program with hexagonal keys to serve as a layout editor for this free Android keyboard app lattilad.org/vicky/blog/a_short_bests_board_tutorial - the app has fewer than ten users because it was too hard to set up layouts previously - I’ve essentially written a JavaScript equivalent of the entire app (without access to the source code or algorithms used there). I’m planning to put my virtual keyboard program up as a website in its own right once it’s complete, along with some extra functionality that the app lacks, and that’s one of the things I’ve done that might have the potential to generate a little money from ads.

I’ve just been looking at Quora to see what people there say is realistic, though it’s hard to know how realistic any suggested figures really is. Here’s the most clear statement I’ve seen of the potential:-

“As a rough guideline if you have at least 100,000 page views per month you should be making at least $3,500/mo.”

That sounds unlikely: it would be a dollar for every 30 views. But maybe that is possible if you have the right visitors and the right content. I doubt it’s easy to get anywhere near to duplicating that, but I’d be more than happy if I could make a tenth as much, and even a hundredth would be worthwhile.

There are interesting links worth following up from Quora, so I’ll just put the road into them here for anyone who wants to research this (and who like me has been slow on the uptake).



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