Have a problem with Nameserver

Hey guys,
I want to set up my domain hwisucks.eu to my webspae at InfinityFree. I wanted to change the Nameservers on my hoster, but then the hoster-interface of my domain hoster is telling me, that I should confiigurate the nameserver for my domain here first. What am I supposed to do, that I can set the nameservers on my domain hoster.

Thank you,

In short: your domain provider requires the nameservers to be configured first before they will let you point your domain to it, and we require your domain name to point to the nameservers first before we will configure them (to be sure we don’t create records for domains which don’t exist or are not yours).

It’s a catch-22. And we don’t have alternative domain verification methods at the moment, so all I can suggest is to ask your domain provider to use the nameservers anyways.


My domain provider only accept to change DNS servers if ns1.byet.org respond for my domain name.
InfinityFree only accept create a domain if the DNS server already respond to Login to My Own Free Host

It’s a loop… i can’t create a infintyfree account and i can’t change dns servers on my domain provider.