Has been suspended

mail to me,
I don’t know why I experienced this, what is the reason?
epiz_28558322 iptvstream.epizy.com/index.php
" Hi,

Your InfinityFree account epiz_28558322 (Website for iptvstream.epizy.com) has been suspended.

Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse.

For more information about why your account was suspended, or to have staff review your account for reactivation, please submit a support ticket from your client area."

Don’t worry. It will be back in 24 hours.
You can read more about it in the following article.

And this:

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Go to your account client area and click Deactivation history, it should say what you are suspended for.

If it is abuse, submit a support ticket (you will not get it reactivated unless the staff manually reactivate it).

If it is something else, then wait 24 hours and it will be back online.

Note that you cannot submit a support ticket on 24-hour suspensions.


The name IPTVStream sounds sus.

Explain what your website does.

disabled due to live streaming

Yeah, you cannot do that here (I believe it says that is the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when signing up). Please use the Live Streaming capabilities the YouTube provides, and just embed the video on your site for viewers. (Note that you will need to tell support this so they will return your account to you). If you don’t want to do this (and keep live streaming on your own site), please upgrade to premium hosting, or find a host that allows that.

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Looking at the domain name, my first guess as for the nature of the site would be that it hosts pirated TV streams.

And next time, if the client area says:

Please just follow the given instructions.


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