Has anyone noticed scarepages on their sites?

Some of my friends who visit my site get scam tech support pages when they visit. I haven’t noticed this, has anyone else?

Hello there,

Are you probably putting ads on your site especially pop-up ads? If yes then what advertising platform are you using (e.g. AdSense, PropellerAds)?

If you did not put in any ads on your site then it’s likely that your friend’s Internet Provider (ISP) is injecting ads to website’s they visit.

Also can you tell us what’s your domain? We can check your site for ourselves if we will get redirected to a tech support scam page as what you claimed your friends experienced.

If i get redirected to the tech support scam page. I will close the tabs :eyes:

Nope. I actually tested this on one of my other computers on the same WiFi network and got it.
Maybe it’s the lack of a https://?

It seems your site is fine. No redirection to the tech support scam page

I’ve visited and clicked stuffs on your website and I didn’t get redirected to any scam pages just like @Erraticstuff experienced. Tried on my notebook and mobile phone and there were no ads.

I think not really.

It is probably either of the following:

  • Your ISP injected ads
  • Your device is infected with Adware

Screenshot please?

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