Hacking attempt noticed

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I noticed when setting up the free hosting that a message appeared saying “Hacking attempt”. See attached screenshot here

What does this mean? Why did the message appear?

I immediately took measures and disconnected my wifi, closed all apps and so on… But I am still concerned.

How exactly did you get to that page? Activating a free hosting account should be done entirely through our client area, so I don’t understand how you’re brought to ifastnet.com during that process.


Thank you for your quick reply…

First, I registered through your website; I filled out the registration form, I then received the Hosting Activation email in my Spam folder, and when I clicked the link it opened a loading page from ifastnet.com as the domain displaying first “Please wait while your account is created” and later the message ”Hacking attempt” appeared.

At that point I got confused and scared so I immediately closed the browser etc…

Later I logged into my account that I had just created and saw the dashboard and the ability to create a free hosting account, and now it seems as if everything is normal - but that activation process at the very beginning was quiet strange. Not sure how/why that happened.

I’m sorry, but what is the “your website” you signed up on? Did you sign up on Sign Up for InfinityFree - InfinityFree or somewhere else? Because the registration procedure for the client area is done completely outside of iFastNet’s systems.

iFastNet installs a janky registration form on reseller sites by default, which does go through ifastnet.com. We can’t fully disable that, but we’ve done our best to restrict access to it. But it’s not entirely impossible to use it. The “weird procedure” you went through sounds a lot like the default registration system, but I don’t understand how you could have access to it in the first place.

Do you know the domain name you signed up with by any chance?


Apologies – I think I got confused trying out different platforms at the same time.
I registered through https://byet.host/ because the hosting activation email mentions that site… Even though it says that I do not have an account there; (weird)…

Apologies again – I’ll try to contact that site.

Feel free to delete this thread.

Byet.host uses the same platform as we do, but is a separate service. Creating an account there is not actually the same as creating an account here.

But if you’re having trouble going through the signup process on byet.host, maybe you could sign up with us instead? We don’t use that registration system, so you shouldn’t have that issue.

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